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Building a future where all moms have the support they need.

We provide individualized wellness and leadership coaching for millennial women — from the first time they think about having a child through the first year of parenthood. We partner with employers to provide the support that new parents need — so that they can be great parents, great partners, and great employees.


New Moms Need a Village of Support

Sit the Moon Health provides customized, trustworthy, expert advice from nutrition to mental health to fitness — to help moms care for themselves and their little ones, from home to work and everywhere in-between.

We give moms (and moms-to-be) an easy-to-follow plan each month with achievable tasks to help manage their transition to and from leave; take care of their health; and be the best, happiest moms they can be. 

It takes a village to raise a kid. Sit the Moon Health fills in the gaps for the many unknowns of new parenthood.



How it Works

Each mom has access to a suite of tools via the Sit the Moon Health app — plus a personal executive coach. We provide a 1:1, tailored offering that helps moms know what to expect, plan ahead, and take action to feel great.

fitness & food

mental health

achieving balance

managing up, down, & sideways

So you may have heard about what to expect with regard to the baby, but what about with regard to you? Healthcare providers agree that a mom who takes care of herself is a mom who is best able to take care of her child. Sit the Moon Health helps take care of you mentally, emotionally, and physically throughout the maternity journey — from planning for pregnancy through day 365 of your first year as a working parent.

Whether it's ideas for healthy snacks for breastfeeding at the office, access to exclusive in-app yoga classes and work-break stretches for pain relief, or ways for colleagues and loved ones to help out, Sit the Moon Health has done the research to parse out what you need to know, plan, or do at every stage so you can feel like you're always ahead of the game.



All the Answers You Need... Right in Your Pocket

Thinking about starting a family but not ready yet to ask your employer the questions you need answered? Wondering how to navigate the transition to and from maternity leave? What does insurance even cover?

Using the Sit the Moon Health app, you now have easy access to these and other questions you should be asking, conversations you should be having, and information you should be gathering, in addition to a full description of your benefits anywhere, anytime.

Still have questions? Talk it through live with your personal executive coach at a time most convenient for you.


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