myVillage has saved my marriage. It’s like my husband just magically knows what to pick up at the grocery store and when we’re out of diapers! And now he can’t complain that he does all the chores - everything is logged right there.
— Laurie, mom of 2
Loved that myVillage suggested healthy recipes with ingredients that my best friend could actually eat while she was breastfeeding. I know she needs to get sleep, and between buying her baby that cute crocodile onesie and making a week’s worth of chicken soup so she doesn’t have to spend all of Saturday meal prepping, it’s obvious which she needs more.
— Christine
This has won me MAJOR brownie points with my wife. She calls me the COO of her pregnancy. myVillage is my Chief of Staff.
— Ben, new dad
I wish I had this when I had my kids. My daughter-in-law just gave birth last year, and I knew I could do more for her than what she was telling me!
— Susan, mom of 5 and proud grandma of 1